Saturday, June 17, 2006

New election, same old Socialist hype.

The Democrats having studied the tea leaves, consulted the blog base, and without any reality being interjected, have come up with yet another way to try and sell the same old Socialist agenda for America. Higher taxes, more regulation, more social programs, more of everything that has handicapped us in the past.

The one thing that jumps out at you is the complete lack of mention on the war on terror. Apparently security from attack, invasion, and future terrorist attack is unimportant to the Democrats. Of course, we know that, since they just this week voted that victory in the war on terror isn't their agenda.

Cut and run is the Democratic Agenda, and frankly, I'm disappointed in the GOP because their response doesn't point out the Democratic Party plan to cut and run in the War on Terror. I'm astounded that the Republicans haven't keyed to this fact, not opinion, fact, of the Democratic Party's position to work against America in the war on terror. All the social programs in the world aren't worth a plugged nickel if your citizens are dead. It ignores the reality of life, again.

One teacher I had in High School asked us what the most important thing in our lives was. We answered family, friends, future, all the usual trite answers. This teacher stood there, looking smug, self satisfied, and answered that we were all wrong. The most important thing in the world to us was the next breath of air. To prove his assertion, he offered us this test, cover our mouths and nose, and allow no air to move past. In a minute, his point was proven. Without life, all the other concerns are irrelevant. Without the life of this nation, all other ideals are merely fluff on the floor of history.

The Democrats aren't interested in the life of this nation. I wonder if the Democrats want this nation, and it's ideals, to survive for the next 200 years. Of course, we already know, they want America defeated and punished in the War on Terror. We have only one conclusion that can be reached, they want to destroy our nation from within. To quote Ann Coulter, Al Queda doesn't hate America as much as the Liberals do, Al Queda doesn't have the energy it would take to hate America that much.

UPDATE: Captain Ed has a write up on the Democratic Plan.


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