Monday, March 25, 2013

Think before you speak

With the prevalence of online postings, including blogs like this one. It's easy for people to write things that they will later regret. Honestly, not all the posts I write are published online. I am unable to find words and phrases that I am comfortable with on some subjects, or the thoughts I have aren't something that I can write well enough.

Yet with Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, and other communication tools available, it is no wonder that some people just go wild and post the first thing that comes into their little minds. I thought of this yesterday when I read Jim Carrey's asinine musings on gun control. It was driven home this morning when I read this story.

To summarize. A Lieutenant of the New York Fire Department had been posting ethnic and racial slurs on his twitter account. When a reporter for the Daily Mail, he broke down and cried because he knew that an investigation from the Fire Department would result in his termination. Now, he knew instantly what the result would be if he was found out, and who doesn't get found out, but he did it anyway.

Now the difference between these two incidents is obvious. First, Jim Carrey is a Hollywood star, or was one once, and in the circles he runs in insulting Conservatives is a career booster. On the other hand, Lieutenant Timothy Dluhos insulted minorities, and the Mayor of New York, which is a career killer.

So Mom's advice to children, think before you speak, seems to be as good advice today as it ever was.


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