Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Why the world is doomed Part Three

Politically driven Science. No matter where you look in history, you can find politically, or superstision driven science. From tribes throwing virgins into Volcanos to prevent their eruption to slaughtering cats to get rid of the evil spirits that were causing the plague. It isn't just ancient history either. A hundred years ago, the theory of Eugenics was widely accepted by scientists in most every nation. Today, this theory is more or less discredited, but like all scientific theories, it isn't far from a comeback.

Today one of the politically driven science examples is Environmentalism. It really began with Silent Spring and the banning of DDT. That the science behind Silent Spring was questionable, and the impact is obvious with nearly a million deaths from Malaria every year. But the "science" of Environmentalism was off and running, and effecting our lives via the Political implications.

Global Cooling became Global Warming which in turn became Global Climate Change. The problem with this science is that the reality, the facts, never meet the projections. When there is a news story that says the facts are NOT meeting the estimates, it is very difficult to find. Yet even when more data keeps coming in saying that Global Warming is NOT happening at anything near the projections, the press continues to harp the Global Warming IS happening meme. A month after that report came out the Press, even on Fox News was talking about how bad Hurricane Irene was and why it proved Global Warming was happening.

Global Warming believers have taken the science, and turned it into a Religion. Religions promise a better future, often while you are dead, for behaving a certain way. For Global Warming, that promise is "sustainability". This is where we are in balance with the earth and do not take from it more than we absolutely must.

The problem is that the believers legislate fixes to the environment. If you challenge the fixes, instead of heretic, you are called a Denier. Ethanol. That is the process of turning food into a less efficient less powerful gasoline substitute. No politician with dreams of national office can oppose Ethanol. The first primary is held in Iowa, and no one who has opposed Ethanol need apply, they won't win. If you have a history of voting against Ethanol, don't bother showing up. When you lose the first one, you are behind the curve, and an underdog. Your chances are very slim that you will be able to pull a win out of the primaries. All because of Ethanol and the junk science that says it works fine as a way to extend gasoline. We dare not challenge it, because we will pay in the primary.

The political left creates lists of those who deny that Global Warming is happening, and campaign to get those people fired from their jobs for the crime of being a heretic. We shall not discuss the data, we shall not discuss the facts. We shall punish those who deny the rightness of the science. We shall punish those who question the wisdom of the science.

If the actual results don't match the promised doom and gloom, don't worry it will come, just a little later than we estimated, and it will be way worse than we promised before.

Mankind likes to think they have all the answers. In reality, we barely understand the question. But that's not about to stop Politically driven science. Think about it. Oat Bran was good for your heart, and then a few years later another study said it didn't do squat. Wine good for you, bad for you, good for you. Every other year, it's good for you. In between, bad again. I've lost track of all the scientific theories that have been promoted, and then discredited quietly.

Politically driven science will be the death of many more over the next generations. I only hope the future is wiser than the present, or the past. Because right now, I'd say we were doomed.


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