Friday, July 13, 2012

Litmus Test

A Litmus Test is part of organic chemistry. It is used to determine the PH of a substance. It is used politically to determine where a person falls on the political spectrum.

For conservatives, the Litmus Test is simple. If the NY Times ever comes out in favor of you, or something you said. You are NOT conservative. If the NY Times ever comes to your defense, you have not only left the reservation, you've left the time zone where the other Conservatives are.

The NY Times is defending Chief Justice John Roberts. Blasting Conservatives for taking him to task on Radio, TV, Newspapers, and of course the Internet. For Conservatives, this is a clear result of a litmus test that you are way off the reservation. It is one of the complaints leveled against John McCain when he ran for the Presidency. It was one of the reasons that many of us argued in favor of Hillary Clinton, pointing out that she got lauded in the NY Times less than McCain did.

This is not the first time, which the NY Times pretends, that the Chief Justice has jumped ship and sided with the Liberal Justices. In his short tenure, he was the deciding vote on other cases, including Jones V. Flowers which he sided with the Four Liberals. Chief Justice Roberts is no rock ribbed conservative. Conservatives believe that smaller Government is better. Well we did until it was defined as Conservative to throw tons of money at anything that might increase Homeland Security, which is another topic for another day.

Finding a reason not written into the law and in essence editing the law from the bench is activist to the limit, and beyond. Roe V. Wade created a legal right. One that the Court wrote, and created, from the bench. But they defined it. What it was, what it wasn't.

For Obamacare, they edited the law, changing the parts that were unconstitutional, and fixing it so that it would be. The only good news is that it is now, legally a tax. The bad news is that it still is. It should have been struck down. It should never have stood. It was unconstitutional under the commerce clause. Yet Roberts cast the deciding vote to edit it to fall under the Congressional Authority to levy taxes. That wasn't how it was written.

Chief Justice Roberts fails the Litmus Test. The NY Times is on his side. Frankly, if I was in Washington, the only reason I'd read the times is to make sure my compass hadn't shifted. If I ever found myself in agreement with an editorial, I would seriously question my beliefs and motives. It's a shame that John Roberts didn't do that. It's a crime against us all.


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