Friday, July 01, 2011

Independence Day

Harvard University has released a study that has Republicans laughing, and Liberals scratching their heads. I say they are scratching their heads, because nobody is talking about it on Democratic Underground, Daily Kos, or Huffington Post. Generally speaking, that means they don't know how to spin it yet, and are awaiting their marching orders from the party masters.

The study says that Patriotic Celebrations like the 4th of July turns kids into Republicans.

Conservatives sites are covering the report with glee. Hot Air has stories here, here, and here.

The question none of them answer is why the Democrats don't see a boost from participation, assuming they do, in Patriotic celebrations.

Independence Day, the celebration of the founding of the nation. For most people this means something painfully obvious. The stories of people who risked life and limb, family and fortune to create a new nation from a previously undefeated colonial master. For Liberals, this is when the racist homophobic evil people fought a war to own slaves. Next war, the war of 1812. Same thing, The Americans were stealing from the peaceful loving Native Americans, and slaughtering innocents to get enough materials to continue slave ownership and their racist homophobic hate filled agenda.

Mexican American War. Evil Racist America fought a war to steal land from the innocent peaceful brown people to our south.

Civil War, obvious one here. Racist Homophobic hate filled evil nasty Republicans (I know, Republicans were in the north and Democrats were in the south, but you can't expect Liberals to get these kinds of things right) fought a war to prevent the great Democratic (I know, I know) President Lincoln from freeing Slaves.

Are you noticing a pattern yet? Spanish American War, we stole land and created virtual slaves of the people of the Philippines and Cuba from the Spanish.

World War One. Greedy bankers got rich on the backs of the people creating war materials that the uneducated morons who didn't know any better like the poor ignorant Alvin York murdered his fellow man.

World War II. American Imperialism and strong arm tactics forced the innocent Japanese to take arms to defend themselves.

The pattern is fairly obvious now isn't it folks? Liberals denounce everything that the nation has done, while claiming that doing so is absolutely patriotic. It was patriotic to disagree and debate President Bush. But when it's a Democrat in office. The question is "Who's side are you on?"

So why would Democrats celebrate the 4th of July? If they show up, it's to wave signs or educate the poor ignorant morons on how awful the nation really is.

So wait for it. Soon the Democrats will see this as a chance to start to participate in the celebration. I can see it now. A float in next years local parade on Great Contributions by Gay Patriots. Another float educating the people on Horrible people who founded the nation in the name of freedom while they owned slaves.

Perhaps they can have a float where they burn an effigy of Bush and dance about throwing pies at the stupid Conservatives shouting "Bush Lied, Kids Died."

Probably not, but I wouldn't put it past the nuts to think they just have to explain to the ignorant hicks how stupid the aforementioned hicks are to think the country is great.


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