Friday, December 07, 2012

Why the world is doomed Part One

Before I can explain the future, I have to explain the present, and the past. So this thread is intended to be the first in a multi part examination of social situations.

Before we begin, we must accept certain things as true. First, the Media has taken over the job of propaganda. I know, that is a common complaint, but I can sustain that theory. This Holiday season, I've turned on the news, and read more on the web. One thing is absent. There are no stories about Homelessness. Normally, the homeless would be leading the news shows. Normally we would hear about homeless shelters filled to capacity, even emergency shelters being opened with the cold weather. We would see stories about how the staff and volunteers are up at six in the morning to cook the hundreds of Turkey's that are needed for the Thanksgiving dinners. We aren't hearing any of those.

So I am expected to believe that with record numbers of foreclosures in this nation, nobody is homeless? With record high unemployment, the people aren't hurting at all. Does anyone else remember the news stories about "Funemployment?"

Every day in the Bush Administration, we would hear about the death toll from the Wars in Iraq, and Afghanistan. Now, there are no news stories about those places, much less the wars, and forget learning about the death toll. Even Fox News, the hated right wing cable channel, doesn't do these stories.

The media instead ignores these stories, keeping the populace entertained by titillating tales of sexual innuendo and gossip. The media ignores Fast and Furious, which was by the standards of a century ago, an act of war. They ignore the many questions of Benghazi and the death of four Americans. They ignore story after story. They do enjoy the story of the CIA Director former Army General Patraeus because it includes lots of juicy sex and plenty of attractive women behaving badly.

The media ignores the implications of Quantitative Easing. They ignore the doctored unemployment numbers. They ignore the stagnating economy. The media isn't reporting on anything that might affect the faith of the people. That word faith is used deliberately. They don't care if you believe in God, or not. The Media is far less interested in what deity you profess to have faith in. They want everyone to have faith in GOVERNMENT. So no negative stories that would affect the faith in the omnipotence of Government are run.

Local stations in New York were replete with stories of suffering from Hurricane Irene. Nationally, not much was mentioned. The death toll was mentioned in passing, barely. The image was one of competence of the Federal Government in handling the situation, creating the image of incompetence in the Republican Bush, and awesome ability in President Obama.

The first thing you must accept is that the Media, even Fox News, denounced often as a radical Right Wing nutjob channel, are all involved in some level, to some extent, in the Propaganda effort.

Watch your local news, the national news. Then examine the facts online. iCasualties has the war dead, but you'll never see it on the news. Judging from the National news, none of those people died, or their deaths were not newsworthy.

The media is the willing propaganda tool.


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