Monday, July 04, 2011

I wonder if Ignorance is an excuse for the Police

For the record, I think the basic premise of Ignorance being no excuse for breaking the law, is the second dumbest thing ever. Let's say you are legally allowed to turn right on a red light in your state. You visit another state, and make a right turn on red. The police pull you over, check your license, and you explain you didn't realize it was not allowed. "I'm sorry officer, we're allowed to in Georgia."

"Ignorance is no excuse." The officer says. Actually that is incredibly stupid. It's impossible to follow the rules, if you don't know what they are. A smarter action would be to issue a warning to the driver, and put it into your computer system, showing that he'd gotten a warning for this action.

Then if he does it again, he can't claim ignorance.

Yes, you read that right. The cops threw a beating on, blasted with the taser, and then pepper sprayed a retarded boy. A copy of the Complaint is here.

Now, the predictable response from the police will almost certainly be that the Officer didn't know the boy was retarded. The officer didn't know that his actions were way over the top.

I say to them, what they love to say to everyone else. Ignorance is no excuse. Another example of fine law enforcement in Ohio last summer. Police dog dies in the back of police car from excessive heat. I think the Police should be charged when they violate the law, don't you?


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