Tuesday, February 03, 2009

President Obama, foreign problems abound

During the campaign, we were told how loved that the US would be if only we elected President Obama. We were told that once we had elected President Obama, that the world had indeed turned a corner, and we were loved once again

Two short and error filled weeks later, and we see that many in the world were celebrating when the American Public elected President Obama, celebrating because they felt we had selected a neophyte, an inexperienced dolt, to lead and represent us. 

The reason I say that is pretty obvious, let's review the news from the last day, that is 24 hours, shall we?

Afghanistan. Our supply routes into this region are now severed. The Russians using diplomacy and favorable trade deals just cut our airbase and route into Afghanistan via Kyrgyzstan. Additionally, the truck route in from Pakistan is also sliced. 

The stimulus plan, which was nothing more than a political payoff to the left wing nutso supporters anyway, is now threatening to start a trade war. The efforts to jump start the unions again via "buy American" provisions in the Stimulus are roundly denounced by Europe as a violation of trade agreements. So Europe is losing their love too?

India is denouncing the American efforts in the region. They even said that the attempt to return things to a Clinton type of policy showed that the Americans were badly misinformed on the situation in the region. 

North Korea showing a great sense of timing, has decided to test a new missile which should be capable of hitting the West Coast of the United States.

Iran has launched a home grown missile and satellite into orbit. This isn't an economic threat, but is a clear demonstration that Iran now possesses the basics required for an intercontinental ballistic missile, most probably topped with their own Nuclear Weapons, that Obama is sure they'll never use.

In a final insult, Paris rejected an Obama style stimulus package. Even the socialist French who quake at the show of any manliness, know that spending packages don't do anything to end an economic downturn. It's astounding really. 

LYON: Prime Minister François Fillon on Monday rejected demands that the French government seek to stimulate consumer spending, rather than follow his plan to stimulate corporate and infrastructure investment, to lift France out of its economic slump.

"It would be irresponsible to chose another policy, which would increase our country's indebtedness without having more infrastructure and increased competitiveness in the end," Fillon said in a speech in Lyon.

What do you do when the French understand the stupidity of the Porkulus Stimulus bill and the American elected officials don't? 

It kind of boggles the imagination doesn't it? 

President Obama, I'm afraid that Hope and Change isn't going to be enough. I'm afraid instead of the washed up already disgraced liberals you've hired. I think that perhaps you should try and round up some Conservatives who are at least capable of understanding the things that you and your advisors don't. The world doesn't love us after all. 

I also could mention his domestic/political problems. Falling support for the Porkulus bill. The withdrawal of more Democratic Party names from various positions because they don't bother to pay taxes. I could go on and on and on domestically as well.

I predicted that we needed another Jimmy Carter, before we could get another Ronald Reagan. It would appear that we have our next Jimmy Carter, now, do we look for a Ronald Reagan? Or do we try and find another Moderate like the Washington elites believe we should?


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