Friday, October 24, 2008

Thoughts on the election

As we cross into single days until the election I've been considering the widely differing polls and the unusual news stories that we've been hearing. From unprecedented voter fraud, to bully tactics from the press. We have all watched this election season with a combination of frustration, amusement, and exasperation.

With the press quick to tell us the election not yet held is already decided and essentially over, and team Obama already planning transition moves. I started to wonder, why the panic exists from team Obama. Incredibly, Obama has brought out the same old scare tactics of every election of my lifetime. You guessed it.

Republicans are going to cut Social Security. The first time I heard this was Carter v. Reagan in 1980. I've heard this tired old lie every election since, and I'm left to wonder why? Could the Obama campaign be that worried about the election? After all, we've been told that only Racists would dare vote against Obama, and the tag racist is one most people would do anything to avoid having hung on them.

What this tells me in reality is that this election is anything but decided. Despite the claims from the press, and the heavily slanted polls, the election is very close. The Liberals wouldn't risk the vote fraud if it was the landslide predicted for Obama.

I think that the liberals are trying to appear confident so as to demoralize the turn out for Republicans.

I could be very wrong, but all I know is that the Democrats are not acting like they've won, they're acting like they may yet lose. They are lying even more, and moving rapidly to destroy any perceived threat. Yes, I've heard about the attacks on Joe the plumber.

We know the press lies, so what makes us think they're telling the truth now?

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