Wednesday, June 21, 2006

You can't keep a good lie down.

The liberals are always so excited when they find a good anti war poster child that they don't even take the trouble to find out if he may be telling the truth, or may be lying. One of my first posts as a blogger was on Jesse Macbeth, and so far nothing has changed, except that new Liberals keep hyping his lies, while pretending not to know he is lying. I expect an indepth interview with him on 20/20 any time now.

Oscar Heck, another Hate America First Liberal, is now claiming that Jesse's claims are new. Google video has a flurry of reposted Jesse videos.

Look libs, when you are such a well known liar that Wikipedia has an article about your lies, you shouldn't act surprised about it.

From Wiki: Macbeth's form DD-214, "Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty" record shows he entered U.S. Army service May 1, 2003 and separated from the Army June 13, 2003, without completing basic training, and with no authorization for decorations, medals, badges, citations or campaign ribbons.[9]

Iraq Veterans against the war has disowned Jesse, and blames him for destroying the credibility of their message. MacBeth�s false statements unfortunately have played into the hands of those who would deny that any atrocities whatsoever are occurring in Iraq.

Now Libs, I want you all to keep posting his video, keep pointing to him as the poster child of the anti war movement. Much as you did with John Kerry during Viet-Nam, the lies are obvious, and do everything to prove your side of the argument is flawed to say the least. Later, you will demand that the Conservatives forget what lies you told, and pretend you never said it. Predictable.

I need to give a great big Hat Tip to Hot Air for this one.

UPDATE Iowa Voice has spoken truth to the loons, and been told that the proven truth is a lie.


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