Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Where are the Homeless?

In a previous thread, I talked about Propaganda, and how it is used to spin the news. It is also used to ignore the news. I thought of that when I saw a news story, but I need to set it up for a minute.

When George W. Bush was President, every winter we saw news stories about the Homeless. Now since Barack Obama has become President, news stories are few and far between. Since President Obama has been elected, I've not read or heard one story about the first Homeless to freeze to death. Apparently Global Warming and the love of the Liberals is preventing people from freezing to death anymore. Perhaps that is why they call it warm and fuzzy thoughts.

Now, what are the facts? Foreclosures have been very high since the housing bubble burst. Unemployment is high, so there are fewer people working. Now, we have people being tossed out of their homes that they can't afford. We have people who can't afford them because they are unemployed. In both cases, the numbers are very high. Yet, we don't have a homeless problem?

Truth is where you match the facts, with the propaganda, and find what is really going on. Propaganda says that there is no homeless problem. We know that because the media, including Fox News isn't reporting on it. If there is a news story from the MSM, we see it as usually some Government agency telling a charity to stop feeding the homeless. I guess that's a solution, I mean starvation would reduce the numbers of homeless.

So where do we find the truth? Why we find out what is going on in our nation by reading the press from London England. Yes, Great Britain is reporting on Homeless living in Storm Sewers in Las Vegas.

Now, if Mitt Romney had been elected, this would be the lead story on every nightly news channel in the nation. How awful that people are living in sewers. What does President Romney propose we do about that? Instead, no news is good news right?

So the good news is as long as President Obama is in office, we won't have any Homeless in the nation, not so far as the news is concerned.


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